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HP Networking Product Lifetime Warranty

HP Warranty Lifetime

HP Networking products set the standards for quality and reliability, and come with warranties you would expect from HP. These products have lifetime warranties: for as long as you own the product.

HP Networking
  • Modular: 82xxzl, 54xxzl, 42xxvl
  • Fixed-configuration: 66xx, 62xx/yl, 580x/AF, 55xx, 51xx, 48xxG, 45xx/G, 42xx/G, 38xx, 36xx, 35xx/yl, 31xx, 29xx/al, 281x, 26xx, 25xx/G
  • Smart Managed: 1910, 181x, 17xx
  • Unmanaged: 21xx, 1410, 1400
  • Indoor Access Points: MSM4xx, MSM3xx, M200, M110, M220
  • Controllers: MSM765 zl, MSM720
  • Other Access devices: MSM317 Wireless Access Devices, MSM415 RF Security Sensor
  • AllianceONE Products: HP AllianceONE Services/Advanced/Extended Services zl modules, HP Threat Management Services zl Module, Sangoma Voice Cards
  • HP Transceivers: X244, X242, X132, X131, X129, X122, X121, X119, X112, X111

Change the rules of networking

#1: Simple
  • Network architectures that are simpler and protect your business from day one.
#2: Maximized
  • Converged, open standards-based networks maximize performance by up to 62 percent.
#3: Flexible
  • Open networks streamline application service delivery
#4: Affordable
  • Network infrastructure costs can be reduced by up to 66 percent
#5: Optimized
  • Virtualized data center networks can reduce complexity by 85 percent.
#6: Secure
  • Secured, virtualized data center networks can provide a return on investment of up to 247 percent.
#7: Certified
  • Fast-track certification programs can enhance business agility and alleviate maintenance and IT costs.
More rules...
 HP Change the rules

HP is changing the rules of networking with a full portfolio of standards-based, integrated solutions and services developed specifically to solve the complexities of the extended enterprise.

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