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HP Networking
  • Modular: 82xxzl, 54xxzl, 42xxvl
  • Fixed-configuration: 66xx, 62xx/yl, 580x/AF, 55xx, 51xx, 48xxG, 45xx/G, 42xx/G, 38xx, 36xx, 35xx/yl, 31xx, 29xx/al, 281x, 26xx, 25xx/G
  • Smart Managed: 1910, 181x, 17xx
  • Unmanaged: 21xx, 1410, 1400
  • Indoor Access Points: MSM4xx, MSM3xx, M200, M110, M220
  • Controllers: MSM765 zl, MSM720
  • Other Access devices: MSM317 Access Devices, MSM415 RF Security Sensor

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