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#1: Simple
  • Network architectures that are simpler and protect your business from day one.
  • What's the change? A resilient, secure, and virtualized fabric delivers application and services in minutes versus months.
#2: Maximized
  • Converged, open standards-based networks maximize performance by up to 62 percent.
  • What's the change? HP FlexFabric network architecture helps improve service levels, maintain business continuity, enable service agility, and reduce costs.
#3: Flexible
  • Open networks streamline application service delivery
  • What's the change? Industry-leading virtualized fabric delivers application services in minutes versus days.
#4: Affordable
  • Network infrastructure costs can be reduced by up to 66 percent
  • What's the change? Lower total cost of ownership creates a next-generation architecture your business can rely on.
#5: Optimized
  • Virtualized data center networks can reduce complexity by 85 percent.
  • What's the change? Virtualized fabric simplifies, automates, and secures data center networks.
#6: Secure
  • Secured, virtualized data center networks can provide a return on investment of up to 247 percent.
  • What's the change? Secure virtualization framework provides a singular security model across physical and virtual environments.
#7: Certified
  • Fast-track certification programs can enhance business agility and alleviate maintenance and IT costs.
  • What's the change? HP ExpertONE certifications give organizations ready access to personnel who can accelerate open network deployments.
#8: Standardized
  • Open, standards-based networking solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent.
  • What's the change? New benchmarks in network efficiency reduce energy consumption and total cost of ownership.
#9: Agile
  • Cloud environments must be secure, scalable and available.
  • What's the change? HP's innovative cloud delivery design enables services that drive greater agility, speed, and cost savings by providing on-demand access that is rapidly provisioned and scalable.
#10: Productive
  • Wired and wireless networks can be integrated and easily managed from a single pane of glass.
  • What's the change? HP wired and wireless network solutions are designed to reduce the complexity of networking for midsize businesses.
#11: Mobile
  • Mobility access performance can be increased by 50 percent.
  • What's the change? HP Networking solutions provide an enterprise-class user experience across the converged wired/wireless infrastructure to meet high bandwidth demands and enable the adoption of cloud services.
#12: Adaptable
  • Security should be woven into every inch of your network fabric.
  • What's the change? Flexibility to help midsize business adapt and securely deliver new services.
#13: Scalable
  • Data centers should scale as fast as demand spikes.
  • What's the change? HP FlexFabric network architecture helps improve service levels, maintain business continuity, enable service agility, and reduce costs.
#14: Converged
  • Data centers should be flexible to support heterogeneous and hybrid environments
  • What's the change? HP Networking solutions provide a blueprint for business innovation and network efficiency.
#15: Efficient
  • Data centers should optimize workloads automatically
  • What's the change? HP Networking and ISS Solutions enable automated management and reallocation of infrastructure based on business process needs, improve resource utilization, and optimize network performance.
#16: Managed
  • Converged networks require converged management tools.
  • What's the change? The HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) provides single-pane visibility to meet the evolving needs of enterprise networks.
#17: Resilient
  • High-performing, resilient networks can be easy to design and manage.
  • What's the change? The HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) provides enhanced resilience with failover in milliseconds instead of seconds.
#18: Pervasive
  • Pervasive security frameworks make virtualized data centers cloud-safe.
  • What's the change? The HP cloud-ready security framework provides a seamless on-ramp to secure private, hybrid, and public cloud computing.
#19: Advanced
  • Advanced network solutions can accelerate rich media communications by 5X.
  • What's the change? HP campus LAN/branch solutions enable media rich communications with end-to-end accelerated distribution of video content.
#20: Powerful
  • Energy efficient networks can double the performance on half the power.
  • What's the change? HP Adaptive Power Architecture enables network devices to scale power usage without sacrificing performance.
#21: Complete
  • End-to-end expert services support the entire network lifecycle.
  • What's the change? HP Network Services offers a full range of services from strategy and planning through design, implementation, and support.
#22: Available
  • A Converged Infrastructure can simplify branch office technology and reduce costs up to 30%.
  • What's the change? HP's products and services portfolio meets IT requirements for a secure, highly available, and converged branch office.

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